Musée Crozatier

Le puy en velay (43)


Creation of manipulations for the permanent exhibition of the Museum Crozatier.


In association with Maskarade and Soul in Science we realize a series of manipulations on the various themes which approaches the museum.

Pedagogy for all

The playful manipulations are accessible to all public

Table with manipulations of exchangeable imprints

Bestiary medieval

Centrifugal force

Temples with columns and removable roofs

Engines 4 times

Reconstruction of a vase

Reproduction of a stage of search

The mummification of the Pharaohs and the Copts

Stage of manufacturing of the enamel

Card of archaeological remains

Stage of manufacturing of the enamel

Mechanical movement in kit / Mechanism of a clock / Raise a mass

Reconstruction of a keystone

Principle of the worm

 Imprint of mastodon

Teeth of mastodon, elephant and mammoth