Natural History Museum of Toulouse
Exhibition : “Rapaces”

Toulouse (31)


Creation of a set of 3 interactive manipulations.

Materials : FSK, Persplex

The manipulation “Vision”

  • Compare the differences of visual capacities with those of three species: the Buzzard, The Big Duke and The Eagle
  • To notice the fitness of birds of prey in terms of night vision.

The manipulation “Olfaction”

  • Feel the differences in terms of sensory capacities
  • Understand the link with the implemented food strategies by various species
  • manipulation is translated into Braille.

The manipulation “Prehension”

  • Understand  the main function of birds talons
  • Include that if the birds talons of the golden eagle are powerful and adapted to the hunting in the flight, the birds talons of the vulture are not powerful because they are adapted to the walking.